Padikkal Residency
An opportunity to explore the surprises of Kerala midlands


The Queen of Arabian Sea, Cochin is located in Kerala, on the south west coast of India. Regarded as the industrial capital of Kerala, Cochin is the commercial hub of this thriving state. Traveling to Kochi is a great experience and there are many tourist attractions that can be visited.

Spend a few days near the palm-fringed coastline of cochin, which incidentally has been handpicked by the National Geographic Traveller,as one of the fifty must see destinations in the world.

You are sure to have a great time while traveling in Kerala, God's Own Country. However, there are certain travel tips for Kerala that should be kept in mind while you are touring and traveling. We offer you comfortable stay and travel tips, where things like health precautions, major holidays, safety measures, etc. have been discussed for your convenience.

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