Padikkal Residency
An opportunity to explore the surprises of Kerala midlands

About Us

We are in the heart of Fort Kochi as our location map indicates. Our homestay is given a blend of modern and traditional kerala style to it.

Padikkal residency offers the traveler an experience of the life of a bygone era. Of family holidays in ancestral homes, of home cooked food and a relaxed pace of life. We welcome you to our scenic locales where the guests are given an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the nature around them and to mingle with the local community.

Backwater cruises and houseboat rides to the coastal towns of Alleppey and Kumarakom country boats to nearby islands, too. Visits to Hill Palace Museum, Kochi Royal Palaces and Nalukettu, Museum of Kerala History, Dutch Palace, Mattancherry Palace, Jew Town, Synagogue at Mattancherry, Santa Cruz Basilica, St. Francis Church.